Allow us to specify the browser wa want to be opened when debugging

As the title says, we really need an option in Xojo to allow us to pick and choose the browser of our preference when debugging webapps.
I went ahead and made a feedback case:


so please everyone, go and vote/like/comment/subscribe :slight_smile: so that the option is added to the IDE as soon as possible.

What calls could be done to launch a specific browser with a given URL, for Mac, Windows and Linux?
ShowURL always use the default browser, as the OS works that way. You could launch the browser’s application, but not pass the URL to it.
Are you sure your request is doable?

A workaround could be to write a chooser app and then set it as your default web browser.

I am not talking about ShowURL…
What I am referring to is when making a WebApp in Xojo and pressing the start debug button, the webapp will always start the default browser we have in our system. I don’t like that, I want to set “Firefox Developer edition” or “Responsively” in Xojo to be used. Hope it makes sense.

That will overcomplicate a simple solution. I am trying to avoid spending time clicking and moving the mouse around my screens and apps :slight_smile:

I’ve fairly understood what you want, but if it’s technically not doable, it’s not worth asking Xojo.

Why shouldn’t asking for another browser be feasible? In RapidWeaver I have “Preview in Safari” because that’s my standard browser. And then there is “Preview in …” which shows me a selection of other browsers. And RapidWeaver also has a server so that I can preview php files.

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I was just discussing it; I personally don’t know how it’s feasible.
I assume RapidWeaver can launch documents with any browser (like you can manually open any php file in Safari, Firefox or TextEdit) but in case of Xojo, there’s no executable to open in a browser. It’s the browser which must connect to the appropriate address and port that Xojo listens on.
Telling an arbitrary, non-default browser to connect to Xojo (or any address), in a new tab/window from the outside, that’s what I don’t know whether it’s feasible.

Just set the browser you want to use as default.

It will open when you run the web app.


I got the feeling you’re not understanding exactly what I am saying (srry, English is not my 1st language). You can open and debug the webapp in any browser you want and on as many you want. There is no direct connection that needs to be kept between the default browser and xojo. You can close the default one and open the webapp in another browser/device of you’re choosing and the debugger works as intended.

Well no, because like I said, I have a default browser that I use for personal time, configured in a way, and then I have a secondary browser configured specifically (plugins/settings) for debugging/testing/etc. websites and webapps.

No problem; mine isn’t English as well and I know what it means.

Manually (as a person), I get it: you open a browser and type either the local address ( or the remote computer’s address if you’re on another.
But can Xojo do the same automatically? Launching the browser is easy, yes. How then asking it to “enter the address” and connect to it?

ahhh got it. well, every browser supports command line website opening, and it’s pretty much the same command. Chrome: start path_to_chrome.exe

Apparently there already was a request for this option since 2011 (10 YEARS AGO). Mine was marked as duplicate, so vote/like/share/comment the old one at:

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Nice to know, thanks.
It would have to work on every supported browser on Linux, Mac and Windows, I guess.