All the controls are clipped?

I am starting up a raspberry pi project and really looking forward to it. I’ve installed the required libunwind library so that the apps will run, but I’m having all sorts of visual glitches. Every button, every field, every anything I add to a window is clipped and I have to make it some arbitrary amount larger in the IDE than the IDE treats as a default. Otherwise things aren’t usable at all.

Is this a normal issue with a Xojo app running on a pi? Or is there some setting somewhere I have missed? I am running on the most recent Pi3 hardware with the most recent OS version that I recently did the apt-get update/upgrade sequence. The output from the /etc/os-release file is:

PRETTY_NAME=“Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)”
NAME=“Raspbian GNU/Linux”
VERSION=“9 (stretch)”

Am I just doomed to resizing every control or is there something I am missing about this?

Take a look at this pinned posting in the Linux forum

If I remember correctly the sizing you see in the ide is different than on the Pi and you need to have some things in place to adjust sizing correctly due to GTK3.

lots of info there to try out. Experimenting with the official xojo examples linked to and they don’t appear to solve the problem on the Pi, but I will try the various others work in that wonderful thread. Thank you! Can’t believe this is so freakin hard…

I usually do my development on a Mac, but… when it comes to the Raspberry Pi, I’ve learned a magical number that seem to help with the annoying clipping issue. :wink:

Add 14 pixels of height to buttons and textfields.
Also, add several characters worth of additional space to the width.

This has fixed most of the clipping issues for me. Yay!

Have you tried this module ?