All Images Black ????

my project file / app was all perfect yesterday.

Today I opened my file, changed a TextField text and then compiled my Windows app.

When I ran the .exe, ALL of the images in my app appear as black squares!!!
I have even deleted 1 image from my project, made a new image, and then dragged the new image into my project and recompiled - to no avail.

All of my images are still black squares!!!
It has nothing to do with the TextField that I changed because I simply changed the number of characters allowed for that particular TextField.

Can someone please help.

Thank you.

After saving the folder containing my project to another location; Renaming the project file; Recompiling the project - all was resolved.

Phew ! :slight_smile:

Known issue when compiling for Win32 from Mavericks. From what I have read, there is inconsistent behavior such as you mentioned. I’m sure there is a feedback on it.

See this Xojo blog article

Hi Richard, which version of Xojo are you using?

That happens to me all the time.

I compile a project for Windows on my Mac, move it to the PC, open it, everything is fine. If I do that 4 or 5 times, when I launch my app on the PC I get black squares instead of the pictures.

Solution is to restart Xojo, then the problem disappear until you reach that build count again… :-/

I use a 2009 Mac Pro with Maverick and last Xojo version.

stanley, do u mean build count for the same project or a different project??

Yes, same project!

i used to have the same problem… but didn’t notice it was after a number build on the same project. at first i thought it might be because of the amount of memory left when doing the build.

Perhaps Xojo leaks memory on each build…

maybe… but usually closing XOJO and start again help. I leave XOJO all day… and the Xojo forum all day too

Yes, same here but after a few builds I get that problem again… that never happened with RB.

Has more to do with the OS than Xojo or RB
You updated to 10.9 ?

yes… i am using Mac OSX 10.9. Anything to do with App Nap??

It’s OS X issues
Nothing you can do to fix it except maybe don’t run 10.9
For the next release we are going to use a different OS mechanism & image type for Windows to avoid (not “fix”) this problem by totally avoiding it

Norman, why does everything work as expected for for the xx builds then? Have you read what I have posted? It is different from the starting message actually. I use 10.9 and can successfully build 4 or 5 times…

Dunno but our Apple radar case about this has been confirmed
Basically when Xojo compiles for Windows currently it creates uncompressed bmps and puts them in the exe
That converted is NOT written by Xojo - we use Apples OS API for it

So, we decided to eventually avoid the issue entirely by not using uncompressed BMPS in Windows exe’s any more
Thats in an upcoming version

Ok then, good to know. I will test next version or beta… I will suspend Windows releases until I get next Xojo version, this is not a problem. I found another weird bug, you know, that William is working on :-/ … nothing to do with this conversation.

Or fire up a VM and compile under Windows :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes, why not (btw last time I built an app on Windows it was either Windows 3.1 or 95, not sure, using Borland Turbo Pascal and there were bugs as well… and lots of problems to solve) but it is sooooooo great to build two xplat versions as once… :-/ … we are getting sooooooo lazy… ;-D … your fault actually.

I have compiled my app about 500 times, and it has only ever happened the once.

Never mind, all is back to normal now.

Thank you all.