Aliens & Offworld Colonies

Does anyone else ever think about aliens and space colonisation here? If so, I’d like to hear your opinions. My views are influenced by the thoughts of Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and other clever people.

Whenever I find myself with nothing to do (eg. trying to fall asleep at night) my mind will occasionally wander off onto these topics. I believe that humanity is now, or soon will be, at the most dangerous time in its existence. These next few centuries could make or break us. We’re in the slow process of transitioning into a united global power. We haven’t yet harnessed full control over the planet, but emerging technologies could do this. We’re getting to the point where we’ll soon be able to artificially control the weather, for example, and generate power from the earth itself - instead of relying upon dead plants. We’ve got ourselves a global language (English) and we’re slowly relying less and less upon archaic belief systems.

Unfortunately we’ve also got many obstacles in our way.

  1. Nuclear weaponry
    We have nuclear weapons and we are still rather ignorant of their effects, if they were to be used. A nice, cool nuclear winter, followed by a scorching nuclear summer, would certainly bring us to our senses - if we survived it. Personally, I doubt we would survive this.

  2. Climate change
    The second obstacle to our ultimate survival as a species is a runaway greenhouse effect. Climate change is upon us. If the weather systems we’re used to were sufficiently interrupted, it’d result in crop failures and huge famines - a big threat to civilisation.

  3. Asteroid
    As far fetched as it may seem, the earth is in quite a lot of danger from an asteroid collision. The earth has been hit before by asteroids big enough to reset life on earth, and is constantly hit by smaller ones. If we’re really unlucky, we might even be gobbled up by something like a roaming blackhole.

As advanced as we are, in the grand scheme of things, we’re very primitive and bound to our little rock. If anything bad happens here, we’re pretty much finished as a species.

Here’s where the aliens come into it. Given the size of the universe, and the probability of “earth-like” planets, it would not be completely ludicrous to expect that intelligent life exists out there somewhere. Personally, I think aliens do exist… but we haven’t met them yet. If we have met them already, then they aren’t the type of aliens we need to fear. We need to fear the aliens that make contact.

If aliens come to us and make contact, then it means that they are more technologically advanced than we are. This puts us at a serious disadvantage. Look at what happened to the native human populations of Australia and America when lifeforms with greatly superior technology made contact - it didn’t go well for the natives. Even if the aliens have good intentions, their influence will still be dominant and things will go badly for us. We’d be at worst wiped out by the aliens, and at best we’d live as severely disadvantaged members or second-class citizens of an alien society.

Therefore, it seems to me, that the longer humanity remains on earth the higher our chances of going extinct become. We have to get off world. We have to improve our presence in the solar system and beyond. We have to put petty cultural and religious differences aside or perish. If we’re alone in the universe, and there are no aliens, rushing to space will save us from earthly threats like nuclear war, global warming and asteroids. If we aren’t alone in the universe, then rushing to space will DEFINITELY improve our chances.

Anyway, I look forward to reading your answers and bettering myself in the process.

Hi Joshua - I recently read this piece about the Fermi Paradox: (FYI - This article it does have some profanity in it. )

It seems very related to what you’re talking about here.

Life is too short to worry about The Apocalypse, be it Mutually Assured Mass Destruction, Alien Invasion from Outer Space (Plan 9 anyone?), or a rogue Asteroid that sends us the way of the dinosaurs…

You have two choices…

  • Worry about these things, get an ulcer and live hiding and with stomach cramps
  • Don’t worry about things you cannot control, and live you life the best you can

And remember… if there is an Alien Invasion… and their main premise is “How to Serve Man”… it is probably with tartar sauce and a side of fries.

Aliens came, saw no intelligent life forms and left.

Plan 9 from outer space - EXCELLENT!

As much as I would love to debate some of the assumptions in the original post…I’m just going to agree with Dave here. And add the following: we’re not getting off planet unless and until we find a way to build a FTL drive that can be powered by an energy source within our reach. We don’t even know enough to know for sure if FTL is possible or not. When we make assumptions that it is, and model how a FTL drive might work, we find energy requirements that exceed anything we could produce even with fusion.

Unless some friendly aliens show up and share their technology, we’re going to be stuck here for a while. I don’t see any reason to worry about something that’s not likely to change in my lifetime.

I worry about what I can affect and what can be proved. At the moment, this excludes both aliens and “climate change”.

And probably a good portion of the Feedback database :wink:

I agree with Daniel - We first need to find a replacement propulsion system, then find a way to shield the astronauts from the radiation emitted from the Van Allen Strata. Only then can we possibly consider advanced space travel.

FTL hm - on the books.

Neil Degrass Tyson did a great show that discussed faster than light
Theres one on netflix as well in the Inexplicable Universe series there (I forget which episode)
If you assume that tachyons exist and they do travel faster than light (which they apparently need to to go backwards in time) they can slow down to nearly the speed of light but they cannot go slower
And he also talked about the warp drive - that doesn’t move you faster than light it jus twerps space-time in a way that the distance you have to travel is very short

Fun stuff

  1. Are we alone?
    Universe is huge. Huge in the sense you can’t even imagine how huge it is. There are all kinds of worlds with all kinds of atmospheres with all kinds of light and heat, and all kinds of soil and substances. And time. Time to combine, react and mutate. So, so far I can’t prove SHOWING an alien life, but statistically there are many worlds with life, but much more without it, because organic life needs very specific preconditions to be formed, and time to evolve. So, Aliens statistically exist (infinitely if someone change INSANELY HUGE, by INFINITE, in the equation).

  2. Are aliens smart green humanoids with antennas?
    Who knows. Maybe one of those have something like that. But surely many of them just have things like dumb worms, bacterias, or stupid fish like lifeforms. Maybe we have some super advanced beings so far away that NEVER, NEVER we both will know each other.

  3. Do any of them come to visit us?
    Hmmm. Hard to say this one. What if WE were the most advanced aliens available right now? What if I say to you that I know around 3 planets with macro lifeforms as we are used to, but they are away farther than 200,683,920 light years from here? We just can’t even see them, the light can’t travel this far without fading and distorting, if it could, and they had some insanely potent “telescopes” they would see dinosaurs looking right now to us. If “seeing” is hard like this, imagine travel to there.

  4. Are we gonna die as civilization?
    Yes. Any more questions? :slight_smile:
    From time to time this world usually reboots and eventually will end. For many reasons. Climate changes, some natural disaster generally related to food, some cosmic catastrophe, whatever. In the last 540 million years the earth had between 5 to 20 biotic crisis (mass extinction) 98% of the known species are now extinct. We, the lions, dogs, bugs, salmonellas are just 2%. The main reason today I can imagine is: us. The soil in Haiti is almost sterile for plantation, for example, after many generations of sugar cane harvesting. Petrol will finish, making many things hard to us. Many metals and substances will become scarce. Our seas infected and poisoned. Our atmosphere is changing with methane and ozone. The climate can become crazy. Asteroids? Yes, few weeks ago a huge one passed by us by two moons of distance. Plague? Yes. A hiper-contagious lethal microorganism can appear and now super-resistant thanks to undiscriminated use of antibiotics. We can be the next Dinosaurs, Or… Our sun will become will die. And we will die thousand years before it. Right now earth is getting away from the sun 15cm per year and our moon getting away from us 4cm. Tic-tac-tic-tac. Thousands of years and die.

  5. What about colonizing other planets?
    Yes, please. We can’t effectively right now. But we need to. Why you think we are looking for alternatives? We know we need to spread away in few generations or will be extinct as dinos were. But we depend in proximity, warp drive spaceships that don’t disintegrate warping as I expect, water, light, heat, atmosphere, natural resources and not being a human killer planet. :slight_smile:

Does mankind really, I mean REALLY know its roots? No, merely guessing. Mankind in its present form Homo Sapiens roams our planet for, say 1,5 million years (that is what school teaches us). From time to time strange artifacts are unearthed. Impossible things, from layers in the earth that are billions of years old. Presumedly man-made. Not possible says science and dismisses the case. For an example take a look at OOPARTS at Google. Amazing things.

So where do we come from? If alien life exists and like Rick stated it does, then some of them must have tried to colonize space. We have spaceflight for 50 years and we are already planning colonies on Mars. So maybe we were just an abandoned colony, or a crashed craft or maybe some tried to survive on earth and left because of conditions. Who knows?

Our society will end too. Wether it will be soon or not depends. How many societies have lived before us? I do not point to recent societies like the Romans or the Aztec but billion years ago? That is possible. If you read ‘The World Without Us’ (very interesting) you’ll know that nature very rapidly removes all signs of civilization. Concrete, steel, roads, it is all gone in a couple of hundred years, maybe thousands. Let alone several hundred million years.

Maybe we came here because of panspermia, living ‘seeds’, virae or bacteria that drift in space and seed life on planets with the correct parameters. We already see that many planets exists around stars, even in our ‘neighbourhood’ (0-20 lightyears). Most astronomers think that planets do exist around most stars.

One of our problems to get off the planet is that we do not have the right propulsion at this time.

I see that esoTalk reconstructs certain words…

I’m not sure about the latter. Are you?

Errata: “Or… Our sun will become unstable and die.”

I’m sure there’s no proof that we are having any effect either way, if that’s what you mean.

And before anyone debates me, don’t. Spend the time to research it instead, and I mean really research it instead of relying on blogs that recount stories that cite papers they never read. You’ll be shocked at what you find. Or in this case, what you don’t find.

Well… If worldwide scientists does not count, can you accept NASA’s word? :wink:

Hey. Now there is a VIDEO for those needing a fast overview with images.

There are scientists on both sides of the issue, but what I accept is irrelevant. Don’t take my word or their word for it, go research it as I recommended. If you can find the proof, please present it. I couldn’t. What I could find is a lot of incestuous “studies” (author A cites author B cites author C cites author A), computer models (we know about those) based on lost or destroyed data (“taking too much space”, because they didn’t have a spare flash drive or something), and real-world facts that don’t match the predictions or theories. (Notice how the projections from 20 years ago have not come to pass so now all the predictions are for 100 years out. Notice how “global warming” has transitioned to the nonsensical “climate change” when measurable warming stopped.)

Climate change/climate chaos/global warming/global cooling is not science, it’s faith. If you doubt me, tell me how to disprove it. Scientific theories contain the terms for their own failure, but religion views everything as “proof”. Climate change is religion.

Don’t want to hijack this topic BUT… based on this belief system (the world is rapidly warming and it is caused by humans) politicians are acting like madmen in Europe, raising the tax on energy to build wind turbines which produce ‘green’ energy. Government in the Ntherlands has silently agreed to shut off nucleair power plants and build wind turbines instead. In my town 3 mega wind turbines (155 meters high) have been built despite protests from locals.

It is indeed a religion and ‘disbelievers’ are treated like pagans… Shame!!