alien Language on Title string on ChartDirector

I have my project About Chart Director

I’m use Title of Chart is thai Language string

?but Title Chart director is alien Language

how to ?

thank !!

We do have examples for using asian text.
You need to pass text with proper encoding and make sure you assign a font to the chart which has such letters.

for Code Excample

dim strTitle as string

call c.addTitle(strTitle.DefineEncoding(Encodings.UTF8), “AngsanaNew”, 14)


Maybe you email me an example where you have trouble. I don’t know the font AngsanaNew. Maybe you include it?

what is your Email name? thank

well, it’s support at

I do not understand

Angsana New

Uh… I can see why it looks “alien”… but it is probably Hebrew…

Angsana is Thai. This probably isn’t the issue. Wittawat probably writes Thai, and the problem is that, maybe, he sees “???” like “???”

Works here fine:

dim c as CDPieChartMBS

// The data for the pie chart
dim data(-1) as double=array(55.0, 18.0, 25.0, 22.0, 18.0, 30.0, 35.0)

// The labels for the pie chart, Words are choosen random to check font!
dim labels(-1) as string=array(“Hello”,"???","???","???","???","???","???")

// Create a PieChart object of size 360 x 300 pixels
c = new CDPieChartMBS(700, 600)

// Set the center of the pie at (180, 140) and the radius to 100 pixels
c.setPieSize 350,300,150

// Set the pie data and the pie labels
c.setData data,labels

dim font as string = “Arial Unicode” // Mac

if TargetWin32 then
// Windows: Angsana New
font = “ANGSA.TTF”
end if

call c.setLabelStyle font,18


on Mac and Windows.

Okay thank you everry one.

I’m use

call c.addTitle(strTitle.DefineEncoding(Encodings.UTF8), “ANGSA.TTF”, 14)

this success

thank Christian Schmitz

if I want When I Click on any Chart then display msgbox Value of any Chart

for Excample in my project have

Sunday = Values is “50”
Monday = Value is “23”
Tuesday = Value is “66”

when I create chart Will number of Chart is 3 bar --> Sunday
when I click on bar name is Monday then will show msgBox “Monday is 23”

how to ?


Please check the example projects like “ChartDirector Control.rbp”. This one shows how to handle clicks.

I tried to see it but Without excample project one shows how to handle clicks for ChartBar

I draw chart directer on canvas area but canvas not click event

Please check the project “ChartDirector Control.rbp”. It shows how to do it.