Alex Restrepo's PreviewCanvas

Anybody who has used this component for Cocoa? It’s rather complex. I got a few error’s which I am sure some real pro can fix. This component is a real beauty and I’m struggling with an error I do not understand…

It can be downloaded here.

What errors do you get? At first glance the declares have to be updated for Cocoa.

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You can ignore the PICT message temporarily, eventually replace these with PNG images

The rest of the errors relate to events called DoubleClick where the actual controls already have such an event.
So remove all the event definitions for DoubleClick.

You will need to add code to the actual doubleclick event to launch the image viewer.

The error to do with CMMClick is a deprecated variable that tells you if the user has pressed the right mouse button or control.
You can use asynchronous keyboard methods instead if you wish.

Takes about 5 minutes to remove enough code to get the example to run.

OK, it was my question if you tried to compile the demo. The PICT messages is quite clear. I will try to get it running tomorrow. Thanks. Maybe I come back for some questions…

After compile I get this message:
"Linker failed with error #0. This project contains a Declare statement which references the PEF library “CarbonLib”. In a Mach-O application, you must use “Carbon” instead.

Edit: I fixed that… it is running now.