Alerting user after mail is sent

Hello all;

I am in process of rewriting in Web 2.0 an older web application. One new functionality added to the new version is the ability for the administrator to generate new passwords for certain users, and to send them as a batch of emails. Since a copy of the user manual is always sent as an attachment, the process takes some time to complete. I am looking for a way to alert the user that the process completed.

So far, I can only issue system.debuglog messages, but this is not very useful for a user without console access. I would like to issue a message box or better, an alert with GraffitiAlert. I am looking for some inspiration to create that piece of functionality. Here, the I suppose that crux of the matter is to reference the page within the mail socket event “mail sent”.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance.


I add all my emails to be sent as fields within a hosted database. Then I tell a WebApp (via a URLConnection) to check for any unsent emails, which it does, reading those database fields and sending the emails, marking those emails in the database as sent.

You could add all the emails to a database, then get the WebApp to send the emails, and warn your user that they should expect their emails soon.

This is a very interesting idea. The application already relies on a postgresql database. It would be easy to implement.

Thank you!