ALE Version1.4 Available

Hi Everyone,

The latest version is now available. This is an update to include the vastly improved engine I’ve been developing for education use here in Brisbane. From this point forward the ALE-E engine will be the main version I continue to develop so I don’t have to support two different code bases. When built this engine is extremely quick. The first Beta engine took over 2.2 seconds to complete a 1000000 loop, which was clearly terrible. The current design completes in just 0.017 seconds, that’s over 129 times faster, also that isn’t an empty loop, that’s running ASM code as well. I’ve found many coding tweaks in Xojo to greatly improve code performance and I’d be happy to share them if anyone is interested.

Anyway a summary of the changes in 1.4 include:

  • Integrated new 1.4 Engine from ALE-E
  • Redesigned pointer code to remove requirement for updating and reverting of code lines, this has reduced the number of lines of compiled code significantly and also improved built engine performance
  • All code now runs on a seperate thread
  • Fixed Nil Object Exception when terminating thread
  • Added constants use count to constants viewer, editor version only
  • Corrected SHR and SHL instructions and fixed errors in the text converter
  • Complete recode of PUSH and all MATHS instructions to reduce needed lines of compiled code and also to reduce engine load
  • Complete redesign of text to ALE converter, compiler and error handling system
  • Added parameters and return values to and from subroutines
  • Reductions of error codes now that error handling is handled by the compiler
  • Completely redesigned and improved help file
  • ALE-X editor changes and improvements

Kind Regards