ALE Version1.3 Available

Hi Everyone,

I just made version 1.3 available. This is a huge update. If you’ve written any code in an older version I’d recommend regenerating your Xojo code in this version to upgrade to the new API. If you wish to interact with your ALE code when running you’ll need to use the read and write to buffer methods, examine the timer and console in the example app to see how. I’d suggest building the editor as a standalone app to get the best performance.

I’ve constructed this app using the most basic of Xojo GUI elements so it should work everywhere, I’d like to start updating the app to look a little more like a pro app in the future, if that’s okay.

Anyway a summary of changes in this version. As always if you find any bugs or code that crashes then send it to me to examine. Likewise send me any code you’d like to share.



  • Huge API update
  • Total engine redesign and performance boost, re-profiling of all core BITS
  • Added an interactive console to allow program display and code interaction
  • Added Thread support, with thread HLT and TPAUSE instructions, examine the CheckKeyLoop example
  • Added a warnings viewer for compile errors
  • Renamed all exposed methods and properties to make them more ALE specific
  • Cleanup of all engine Xojo methods and properties
  • Many Editor Improvements
  • Simplified pointer code and now display pointer usage in code viewer
  • Editor, Compiler and Runtime options are now saved in the ALE file
  • Added Variable Reset Code option
  • Added Scope Checking and Scope display options
  • Added AND, NOT, OR, XOR, CMPS, MOVS, JNE and JNZ instructions
  • Added OutOfBoundsException catching on all stack reads and writes
  • Recoded LEA instruction to a standard format
  • Recoded CMP, DEC, INC, LEN, NEG and PUSH instructions to reduce engine load
  • Corrected JZ instruction to work on ECX
  • Updated and extended the XML code
  • Added Dark mode and Light mode help files
  • Lots of documentation updates
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