AirTable to filter (search) table

Hi. I just signed up for AT today and am going by the example project, but this only shows a method to update to the table. I figured out how to add and delete from the table through a Xojo app, but now I am trying to figure out how to search the records.

I see you use the GET statement as in the example project to GetAllArtists, but I’m not sure how to pass in a search criteria to find any/all matching records. Is anyone familiar with how to do this?

The AirTable webinar might have some additional info to help:

Thanks Paul. I did watch the video but didn’t see anything about searching records.

I’ve got the grasp of searching records using sqlite as

dim sql as String = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE field LIKE '%" + txtSearch.Text + "%'"

But am not sure how to accomplish this with AT.

I thought Tim had covered filtering in the video, but he did do a blog post with some examples using “filterByFormula”:

Oh wonderful Paul! I was hoping for something like this. You guys rock, and I appreciate the webinar videos!