Airport Transportation

Hi XDC Attendees,

I just wanted to post this here so you all have plenty of time to coordinate if you’re planning to meet to share transportation! I know many people last year coordinated to share taxis so if you are interested post here or on the XDC Mailing list.

From the Monte Carlo:

There are many options to get from the airport to the Monte Carlo. We recommend either taxi or shuttle service. Taxis are available on the east side of baggage claim, outside doors 1-4. Taxis from the airport will range in cost due to traffic and route taken. Some taxis will not accept credit card payments. Guests should notify the attendant if they plan to use a credit card for payment.

A variety of shuttle services are available at McCarran, and are located on the west side of baggage claim, outside door exits 7-13. Shuttles cost $7 per person and will generally take up to 25-40 minutes due to multiple stops at other hotels prior to stopping at Monte Carlo. Shuttle service from the airport does not need to be pre-reserved but will need to be reserved for return trips back to the airport at the end of your stay.

For arranged limousine service, please contact the Concierge at 702-730-7010 or 877-459-0268.

I’m arriving on Tuesday (3/25) around 4 pm, and will be renting a car at the airport. I’ll have 3 empty seats, and am happy to have anyone hop in with me who would like to.

Reply here or PM me for details.


I’m arriving Tuesday 3/25 at 2:15pm local time. I have no transportation plans yet.

I won’t be making XDC, but I’m a Nevadan who has spent quite a bit of time in Las Vegas (450 miles as the crow flies from Reno, the airport I fly out of). I just retired from a company that is headquartered there and have spent way too much time there. Just want to let people know that once you make it to the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.), you are pretty well set unless you want to go to Fremont Street, Boulder Dam, Mt. Charleston, or whatever. Most people that rent a car are wasting their money.

There are sky walks and a monorail that get you to all parts of the Strip. If you’re at all sensitive to “adult” entertainment, stay on those and avoid the public sidewalks where you’ll have to pass by lots of people with flyers and tickets to places you might not want to hear about. To be clear, it’s not that bad, but it is true that you can do pretty much whatever you want in LV.

Las Vegas is fun and there are many places to enjoy without ever leaving the strip. If you are bringing small kids (?), the Excalibur is the place you’ll want to take them. The New York, New York roller coaster and the Stratosphere slingshot are for those who don’t mind heights. The shows are great - hard to pick the best but Penn & Teller or one of the Cirque du Soleil shows would be near the top. The Monte Carlo has a magician, I believe Lance Burton, that puts on a great show.

Hope that helps.

Good info, @Danny Coyle . I’m both a software developer and a photographer, so any time I travel somewhere I rent a car so I can explore. Do you have any recommendations in and around the Vegas area (off strip, most likely) that make for great photo opportunities? I’ll pester you privately for more info so as not to completely hijack this thread.

And Fremont Street :stuck_out_tongue:
Its totally different than the strip in that regard

+1 Fremont Street! :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about the country around Las Vegas and I don’t want to mislead you into thinking I know more than I do.

A few years ago, my family rented an SUV in Las Vegas and drove to Bryce Canyon in Utah where we spent a few days hiking. It is really spectacular country. We drove by Lake Powell, which is also on the Colorado River and a popular place for kayaking, etc. and also Rainbow Canyon where we took a lot of pictures. I’m not sure those are close enough to do what you want.

Another pretty pretty place is Mount Charleston, which you can see from Las Vegas. It’s very easy drive to the top on a paved road. There is actually a ski resort there since the mountain is high enough to have snow. As you start from the bottom, you are in the Mojave desert - just sand, Joshua trees, and the bones of Mob victims (not sure about the last). As you climb, it’s as though you’re heading into Northern latitudes as you pass deciduous and then evergreen trees. Very pretty views.

Some time ago, I took the tour of Boulder Dam. After 9-11, I’m not sure you can still do that. Anyway, something I’ve never seen is the new bypass bridge so that traffic doesn’t have to go across the dam. The pictures I’ve seen of it are spectacular and the dam itself is very photogenic. There actually is a line painted in the middle (centerline of the Colorado River) that is the boundary between Arizona and Nevada.

Something else I’ve never done but might be fun and good for pictures is a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

That’s pretty much the extent of my personal knowledge of the surrounding area. For those that stay in town, the Strip and Fremont Street would be the main places you’ll want to be. A little off the Strip is the Rio. Very good food and the 51st Floor is the bar where they filmed “Cocktail”, if you’re into bartenders that can juggle. If you wanted pictures of Las Vegas, that would be a good spot. A better one might be the top of the Stratosphere.

Last time I was there, we used an helicopter to fly over the damn and through the canyon next to it. Very nice.
Also you can drive to california and visit Calico ghost town :slight_smile:

But this time I will probably just walk up and down the strip.

Could you broadcast the conference over the Internet? I did not sold enough xojo-programms to buy a trip to Las Vegas! :slight_smile:

Yeah, pretty sure I need to take a limo to XDC 2014…

@Brock Nash You would have to think of a totally awesome name to use for the limo drivers sign.

Not all shuttles go to and from the Airport. Some just go from the Hotel to the airport.
One company that does both is Bell Trans ( (800-274-7433).
It costs $7.50 one way or $13.50 round trip. You can find the Bell booth directly outside Baggage Claim Door #9.
For most shuttles when returning to Airport from Hotel it is recommended you place a pickup time 3 hours before your flight departure.

FYI, a taxi is $15-$20 one way.

I’ll be landing Tuesday at 6:50pm. If you’d like to share a cab post here and email me your cell phone number at