Airdrop - overwrite

I have managed to get Airdrop to send a file to my Desktop… and it appears in the Download folder all nice and pretty…

BUT… is there a way I can force it to OVERWRITE any existing file with the same name… Now it appends a #
and that makes it difficult to determine the latest data (it might not be the highest number if files did get deleted manually)

mydata 2.xml

That’s just the same as downloading the same file, several times, in Safari to your downloads folder. The name will be appended a # to not overwrite the file.
I believe this is tied to macOS and can’t be changed.

Yeah… thought so… FYI… .it does the same thing under iOS… if you AirDrop a file from the mac to the iphone multiple times it appends a # as well… whats a bummer is that if you have file 1, 3 and 4… the next one is #2 not #5

So I had to write code to scan the timestamps to find the last one created regardless of its “#”