After Windows 10 Update App will not load

After installing an update to windows 10 I have users getting this error.

APPNAME.exe-Application error. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000102). Click OK to close the application.

App is compiled with Xojo 2021r1.1 and is running as 64bit

Any idea what could be causing this?

Perhaps these users have a 32 bits version of Windows 10 ?

There seems to be information out there on handling and resolving the issue when searching the error message and code using either Google or DuckDuckGo. Have you tried any of these troubleshooting solutions?

Of course i have checked online, I have asked them to try run as admin but as yet have not had a response. Getting them to run repairs is not a path I want to go down. I would assume this would of been a common Xojo problem, or at least someone has come across it.

based on browser used to submit log, shows 64bit version of windows 10

A 64 bit binary in a 32 bit system won’t run as the system does not recognize it as a loadable binary, some info will pop up telling it.

Are you embedding the Windows Universal Runtime with your build? If so, try one without it using the native one included in the system and see if something changes. Also check if some antivirus played with your files.

I am not including dlls with my build. I have asked them to try turning off any antivirus.
It was working just fine yesterday and then updated on a shutdown of windows, then this morning the error appeared.
Also sent them another app to try.

I’m thinking that Microsoft C++ 2015+ redistributable might have been corrupted during Windows Update. I noticed on Windows 11 it shows a lot newer version 2015 - 2022 version 14.32.XXXX while the one included with Xojo is 14.0.24XXX. I doubt I can get them to remove and reinstall the older Xojo one as other applications could be relying on newer redistributable.
I asked them to get the version installed to do a modify - repair and see what happens, however getting responses from users is like annoyingly hard sometimes.