After power lost Update Bundle ID Issue

I was working in a project. Due to many inestability issues with xojo, a before any run i always save ctrl-s. Due to a power lost, the computer went off. When power was back, i open the project. After a long “loading window”,

How do i fix these issues?


You restore from backup/SVN/Git or whatever?

thanks for answering

when the energy was back, just open again xojo and try to open de project. it only showed an empty project, no webpages, modules, images, or else, just the APP.


i just ctrl-S every new run

I agree with Beatrix. It looks like the project file may have gotten corrupted so I would go back to the most recent backup copy.

i do understand that the file (which seems to be, based on the size, complete) was saved (ctrl-S) 4 to 5 minutes prior to the power lost. How can it be corrupted? it is unclear for me what is xojo doing between saves.

but, thanks Jason, the previus version is 1 week old.


I’m not really sure how this happened because Xojo itself probably wasn’t doing anything after the save.

it is the second time it happens to me in 6 years
i guess daily separate backups will do it


You have to be aware that Xojo can corrupt your project at ANY save. so… Use version control and/or backup frecuently.

As you can see here, project files missing or corrupted happens A LOT:

in my case, i have been working the project since novembre, and I could find a version in the windows file “previus versions”, dated decembre