Affordable Flights To Miami for XDC 2019

I was looking around on Google Flights and there are some great, affordable options for travel to Miami during the week of XDC. I randomly checked a bunch cities (sorry if I missed yours!) and wanted to bring your attention to some of these options if you were looking at joining us at XDC!

*Paris: $379
*Frankfurt: $399
*London: $385
*Madrid: $369
*Amsterdam: $563
*Stockholm: $346
*Dublin: $426
*Belfast: $488
*Vienna: $628
*Rome: $485
*Munich: $514
*Berlin: $574
*Lisbon: $407
*New York: $221
*Raleigh: $220
*Seattle: $404
*San Francisco: $274
*Houston: $338
*Las Vegas: $249
*Cleveland: $279
*Salt Lake City: $274
*Phoenix: $385
*Washington DC: $204
*Fargo: $356
*Providence: $250
*Boston: $194
*Nashville: $136
*Chicago: $194
*Kansas City: $312
*Atlanta: $166
*New Orleans: $183
*Vancouver: $341
*Toronto: $370

It is amazing how the one stop flight offer at 323 euro changes to 1079 Euro if you look for min stop flights.
For Frankfurt

I suggest you play around with dates. I am seeing a Lufthansa nonstop flight for $441, just really depends on when you want to fly. The layovers I see are mostly for 1-2 hours, which is not bad.