Advice: Paddle Integration

I have completed an app that I have decided to sell via paddle.
The app will have features switched or off according to the users subscription state.

Paddle have suggested using the mac sdk which requires the creation of an Xcode project.
I have never used Xcode. Am I right in my thinking that my compiled xojo project would trigger the Xcode project and
would have to be included within the app package for circulation??

I see Webhook is also mentioned is this a better way to use paddle for sales of my app.

I also have zero experience of how to use webhook…
Any advice/relevant experience and examples would be welcomed…Thanks :slight_smile:

Short answer:
It is not possible to integrate the Paddle in-app SDK.

Thanks Christoph, so I guess my only option being online purchasing of the separate modules using the webhook route??

Yep, that’s how I do it.

Christoph does that mean I have to create my own web service to sit between the end users desktop application and paddle? I can’t really make sense of how the authentication process works…

How it works for me:

  • When Paddle receives a payment, it used the web hook to launch a php script on my server. All information needed is passed by Paddle.
  • My php script handles everything from then on : creates a license key for the customer and a linked key on our license server, sends a mail to the customer with the activation key. That’s it.
    The first time the customer uses the link, it is checked and activated on our license server.

Of course you will need to write the php script yourself. Paddle cannot help you with this (I think).

Hi Chris ok would the linked key be the same as the activation key?

In my case yes. But you will have to create your own way how to implement this. You could just send a license key to the customer which he has to enter in your app to unlock things.

Thanks very much for your help Christoph :slight_smile:

Similar to @Christophe above we use Paddle also, the only difference is that instead of a PHP script on our servers, we use a Xojo web application that generates the serial number (and logs it into our database) and then returns the serial number back to Paddle, who include it in their receipt e-mails.

I haven’t looked at the Paddle framework for a long time, I originally offered to create a Xojo for it, but that was before Xojo could compile 64-Bit and their framework didn’t support 32-Bit.

When I’ve completed my current project (about another 5~6 months to go), I’ll take a look at it again.

Hi Sam, up all night thinking through the problem and came up with the same conclusion… building a webserver returning the serial number is the best solution for me too.

Good luck with your project…spent 2 years on mine (on and off)…SSOOO glad I’m near completion.
I will keep an eye open for your future Paddle plugin sounds very exciting and I’m sure that there will be a growth in Paddle users due the implications of different VAT rates for every country.

Thanks Sam :slight_smile: