Advice on Icon and decription for a pagepanel

A user of mine suffering motorial problems has asked me to make available optional shortcuts to easily access some menu-items.
I have done it, adding a new pane in the Settings pagepanel, where users can select shortcuts according to their choice.
But now I’m not sure about a suitable icon and description for this pane.
For instance: “Advanced” (with the 2 gears icon), or “Accessibility” (with the man in circle icon) or anything more suitable.
Suggestions welcome.
BTW: If possible, icons taken from SF Symbols.

You could use “command” sf symbol.

Is it specifically an accessibility feature, or is it more broadly applicable?

That specific pane allows users to set different keys (even without ‘command’) to trigger different menus. For instance, pressing the arrow-keys alone (that is, without command, option etc keys) triggers a specific menu.


The Command symbol is a pretty potent symbol and sounds like a good fit for what you’re describing. Since you’re using SF Symbols, you can start with that icon and easily change it in case it doesn’t strike you correctly.

In fact I myself like it. Yet, since no command key is going to be pressed, I was in doubt if it really was the best choice.
Therefore, while at present I keep it as best choice (thank you, @Jeremie_L ), I wait and see if any other viable solution pops up.

I was thinking of using as icon the “keyboard” sf symbol with “Custom Keys” as label.
In such case, does anybody know what should be its french localization? “Clès alternatives”, “Clès personnalisèes”, or any other wording? Thanks.

Touches personnalisées

Share a screen shot for where you want his to appear.

Also, Key = Clé (the other diacritical…).

And, get an eye on other software you already have on your computer to know what others (the OS) tooks / display.

Thank you.

I was referring to the name (string) below the icon of a pagepanel (like, “General”, “Advanced” etc.).

Awfully sorry: I was referring to the icon and caption of the toolbar governing a pagepanel.