Advertising in Windows applications (Microsoft)


I downloaded two days ago the Microsoft application now called Image Composite Editor (its name was earlier: Microsoft Image Composite Editor)…
Available here . It allows the creation of panorama files (drop many, export one).
Date Published 25 February 2015

Beside getting a msi file *, having troubles decinding which application (from the three available) and a whole GUI change, I notices (how can it be impossible) an area for ads (images). Five different images are actually displayed (Microsoft Translator, sometiong for Android, etc.)

The window interface is grey / black with low blue buttons (when the mouse move above one) and cyan to flag the currently active button.

After the boot interface (called Modern Interface / was Metro) that have rolling ads, here comes Windows future: an ads and training machine (it displays ads and is so uneasy to use that you will buy training of all sorts to just start the machine once the boot process (fast with a built in SSD) is over.

  • When at home, I run the msi file to discover it is just a downloader file and I had to wait until I get an Internet connction to really download the application.
    Is Microsoft getting a dime for the use of their server bandwidth ?