advertising in app


I am trying to monetize an iOS app via advertising. Unfortunately, the examples of Google for Admob are only for Swift and Objective-C. Can someone help me?

Thank you!


ich versuche eine iOS App über Werbung zu monetarisieren. Leider sind die Beispiele von Google für Admob nur für Swift und Objective-C. Kann mir jemand weiter helfen?


I will let you know if I figure out how to do this, people seem to give you nasty looks for even bringing up advertising for iOS. The truth is paid apps are pretty much a thing of the past, and in-app purchases require something worth purchasing. I would rather show an advertisement than glorify some features, considering the user is going to have increasingly high expectations for the purchase of the features. People like free things. We can give them that and still make an income off of our efforts.

I’m a fan of a lite (free) app and a pro (paid) app.
just have to decide which features belongs to the pro version …

Advertising simplifies many things. Small programs that are only used for a short time (e.g. spirit level, BMI calculator,…) are ideal for advertising. Small games for children who want to try themselves before a new game is the hit. Customers do not need to spend money on such things.

Sorry for my english!

I would provide documentation online that has ads on it, and use AdSense for that.

However. For WebApps - GraffitiSuite has a WebApp version that allows you to put Google ads on your WebApps - I know about this because I contacted the founder and asked him to make a plug-in control that does this. To make the control work, you need to declare the ad unit and account variables in the Open event.


@Frank Zöbisch it is possible to put ads into your app using declares. Though I will try and assist with declares for almost any area of iOS/macOS you are on your own for ads. Seeing a game or app with ads immediately makes me uninstall it.

Do as @Jean-Yves Pochez suggested and make a lite app that they can purchase pro features in with iAP, but don’t put ads into your app.

the instant an ad pops up in a program I am considering, that program is deleted and no longer considered…

If it’s actually a good program that I want, I will buy the ad-free version if it exists and is reasonably priced. But like you, I do not tolerate ads in software.