Admistrator Privileges in windows

how i can to use command line for to have administator privileges in windows ??
Please help me i must register and unregister a DLL

thank you

given f as FolderItem and params as String

#if TargetWin32

Soft Declare Sub ShellExecuteA Lib "Shell32" ( hwnd as Integer, operation as CString, file as CString, params as CString, directory as CString, show as Integer)
Soft Declare Sub ShellExecuteW Lib "Shell32" ( hwnd as Integer, operation as WString, file as WString, params as WString, directory as WString, show as Integer)

if System.IsFunctionAvailable( "ShellExecuteW", "Shell32" ) then
  ShellExecuteW( 0, "runas", f.NativePath, params, "", 1 )
  ShellExecuteA( 0, "runas", f.NativePath, params, "", 1 )
end if

end try

thank you , but i must register a dll with Administrator privilege how i can do ??
you can help me again ?

ow i must to write …??

thank you

if u click at this computer or windows in your xojo (2019/r3) ide/project and then at the gear there
is a combobox for security privileges user/highest/admin.

without xojo you need to start the cmd as admin.

thank but i use again realstudio

i newer saw older version of xojo.

We do have a WindowsRunAsMBS function in MBS Xojo Win Plugin.