Addressbook access

Would anyone know why the ADDRESSBOOK function access the MAC address book data when I compile to 32bit but does not when I compile to 64 bit.

I am using Xojo 2019v1.1

Hasn’t the API to do that been removed by Apple? Probably still there for 32-bit which might explain what you observe.

Addressbook API still exists, but is deprecated.
Please consider moving to Contacts API. You can access it via MBS Xojo Plugins.

See Contacts classes here.

Also you need to include Info.plist entries and entitlements for code signing.

Thanks Tim. I can still compile the program in the 32bit mode and it works great. I just have to move it over to CATALINA for some of the people in my office. This is just making more work to update a simple little program that we use.

Christian, I guess I need to look to your MBS Plugin. You an I spoke one time back at the RealBasic v.1 time when I was living in Munich. Danke…

NSContactsUsageDescription may be needed in Info.plist to allow access.

I don’t write programs for a living, I write small ones to help in my office. Let me look at the MBS Plugin and see how to implement it into the old RB ADDRESSBOOK code. Thanks for all your help so far. I am guessing I will have more questions after I start in with MBS Contacts…

Something has changed. Try this:

Dim book as new AddressBook
Dim Contacts() as AddressBookContact


This works all right also on last Catalina.

@Carlo_Rubini What version of Xojo are you using where that works?

Any version that will compile to 32 bit. the new version only does 64 bit and the function does not work any more from inside XOJO. you have to use a Monkey Bread class.

If you give us a compelling reason, we may put you on academic license status. Like we did that for retired people a few times.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Angebot, aber das ist nicht nötig.

Hello John, if it is true you lived in Munich ~20year ago, please contact me. you can find me on Linked In zddp-at-centrum-dot-cz