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Hi all,

Yesterday, as I discovered by chance the mailgun addon, I was thinking it would be really great if Xojo Inc. effectively promoted his community: addons, blogs, consultants, etc., much like on this site: In General, I find that is not engaging, not friendly, but that’s another topic.

I know that content creation and its maintenance are time-consuming, but when you have a product a bit limited in functionality, and not a lot of addons, it would be at least super that these add-ons are pushed towards the light. A page with some addons rates is not enough. And it’s not engaging, it does not give confidence.

A person who discovers xojo for the first time might be put off by seeing that there no database ORM, no PDF, no charts, no schedule/calendar, no advanced reporting solution, very few controls and features on IOS and Web targets, etc.

While all of this is available through the community.

Also, it seems difficult to have good income by creating addons for xojo, while it is important to have quality addons and which are maintained in the long term, more reason to intensively support third-party developers. I know it’s double-edged, that sometimes this may turn against Xojo inc, that’s not reassuring for Xojo Inc. too dependent on third-party developers, etc. But I think that there are more advantages than disadvantages.

The web store has an Add-on page.

But of course it would be nicer if we could be listed more prominent.