Adding support for ARM in Kaju

Because I still can’t build universal applications I thought I’d do an ARM build. For that I needed Kaju support. Which turn out dead simple:

  1. In UpdateInformation add a constant:

Public Const kMacBinaryARMName as String = MacARMBinary

  1. Add the constant to BinaryNames:

    Public Shared Function BinaryNames() As String()
    return array(kMacBinaryName, kMacBinaryARMName)
    End Function

  2. Change the getter for PlatformBinary64bit:

    Public Property PlatformBinary64bit As KajuBinaryInformation
    dim binary as KajuBinaryInformation

    #if TargetMacOS
    #if TargetX86 then
    binary = Binaries.Lookup( kMacBinaryName, nil )
    Binary = Binaries.Lookup(kMacBinaryARMName, Nil)

    #elseif TargetWindows
    binary = Binaries.Lookup( kWindowsBinary64Name, nil )

    #elseif TargetLinux
    binary = Binaries.Lookup( kLinuxBinary64Name, nil )


    return binary

    End Get

    End Property

  3. Note to self not to leave debug code to change the url for testing.