Adding some text to an existing pdf

a part DynaPDF, there are some other simple tools to simply add some few words in a specific location on an existing pdf file ?

Yes you can do that. I’m sure one of the MBS example projects demonstrates this.

In summary, what you need to do is create a new pdf, import the pages from the existing pdf into the new pdf, edit the specific page and then draw the text.

I understand he wants to do it without dynapdf …

Well, as has been shown in a number of posts here in the past, most PDF files are basically text files with a lot of ‘instructions about how to draw the page’ in them.
The brave could probably open it as a textstream, inject a new text object, and run away.

I wish Dave S hadnt abandoned Xojo and hs gPDF project.
You might look into

You can get omega bundle and then get an upgrade to DynaPDF Lite with discount.

@Christian Schmitz Thanks, i need the Lite version to simply add text to just existings pdf ? I’ve understood from the table on your web site that i could use the freeware basic one, i’m wrong ?

No other very super-simple solutions / projects in alternative ?
My needs are really basic: adding few words to a pdf, so hope to find some little project to accomplish that

Adding something is not trivial.

The starter version does cost money and is part of OmegaBundle this year.

And we offer the Starter to Lite Upgrade then for 129 USD.

You can test the plugin without license.
And of course find other uses for PDF output for other projects.

Other solution could be to create an image of the pdf and inserting text on it by code … then print the image ?

yeh, your right - sorry.