Adding keyboard shortcut to menu items on left side of menubar

Hi all,
I am trying to adding keyboard shortcuts to menu items on left side of menubar taking advantage of the excellent library MacOSLib (GitHub - vidalvanbergen/macoslib: MacOSLib - A large collection of classes to use OS X specific functions in Xojo applications).
I have created several menuitems (with submenus, even with icons and tooltips!!) following the examples provided.
But when I use:

mmenu1.itemWithTitle(“Second option 1”).KeyEquivalent = “T”

the shortcut is present in the menuitem, but it is not functional, even if the application is the frontmost.
But if I click on the application icon in the menubar, which causes that the menu items become visible, and simultaneously press the corresponding key combo, then it works.
But in this way it is useless…
Any suggestion is welcome!