Adding a Toolbar to my Mac app causes an Out of Bounds Exception

I don’t know where to even begin. The simple act of adding a toolbar with no code causes my app to throw an OutofBoundsException upon startup. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Is it conflicting with anything like window dimensions (which should be fine anyway)?

The debugger shows you the line of code which throws the exception. In the lower left it also shows you the stack trace, so you can see what led up to the error. That’s where you begin.

What happens if you add a ToolBar to an empty project ?

I see nothing listed. No point in the code where it stopped, no state of variables, etc. Just empty white space.

Upload the project and we can have a look.

I used the app unhandled event and it spews a gigantic list of code, but I think this is the most relevant line:


Any clue what this means?

That’s not an OutOfBoundsException. Do you get a hard crash? If yes, have a look at .

Please provide more information. Screenshots or your project if possible. Versions of Xojo and macOS.