Adding a external class to a project

I am new to Xojo. I located a “class” that I want to add to a project I am tinkering with. It has some basic instruction in a doc file that says to “add it the app in Xojo”. I do not know how to do this, I have tried dragging in in and dropping, but it just opens as another project. The file is TELNET_ClassOnly.xojo_binary_project, some of you may know of it. How do I add it to my project?

I am working on OSX.


The file is not an external class, it’s a project and will cause the IDE to open as a new project. I’m not familiar with the project, but you can copy & paste items between projects.

Open the File menu while having the Alt-Key depressed. The Import… menu item changes to Import as external…

That is what I thought. I started thinking was I supposed to export it or something…

I only have dropbox so I will have to find a way to link the files. I found it in the forum somewhere.

from the doc:
Usage Description:

The TELNET_Class was designed to be used as a Subclass in your Xojo Projects. The TELNET_Class has
several custom event definitions that must be implemented on the sub-classed TELNET_Class. This is a requirement to use this class.

How to Use the TELNET_Class Class

I. Steps on how to intially setup the TELNET_Class in your Xojo Project:

  • Copy the TELNET_Class class to your project APP in the IDE

  • Create a Sub class of the TELNET_Class (Ie. I created a Sub class named TELNET in my example App)

  • Implement the following Events under the SubClass:

    • TELNETDataAvailable: This is the event that receives all TELNET information from the remote host
    • SendTELNETUserData: This is the event that will send your data to the wire headed for the remote host
    • Errors: Use this event to use the Error codes and messages that are available

II. How to Connect to a Host: Use the TELNET_Connect Method to connect to a IPv4 host.
- You must pass the IP Address(string) at a minimum.
- You may also take advantage of then “Auto Login” feature by passing the username(string) and password(string)

FORMAT: TELNET_Connect(,,)

EXAMPLE: Connect to remote host via TELNET:

#1. TELNET_Connect(“”)

  • This will connect you to the IP Address of

Thx Bill, I tried the Alt option with “Import as external” while in my project and it still just opened up the imported file as a new project, same as just import.

That means open both projects, select the TELNET_Class in the first project, Copy it and Paste it into the other project.

I figured it out, I had to open the telnet project, select the telnet class and copy it then go back to my project and select paste,

Thx Tim, I figured it out just as you posted, doh…

Yeah, your response popped up just after I posted. Glad you figured it out.