Adding a Custom Icon to a Instantiated Toolbar


I have a ToolBar added to a View .

I’m able to add Text or SystemIcons ok, but is it possible to add a custom image?


Yes, use a method such as iOSToolbutton.NewPlain and pass in the iOSImage you want to use.

Thanks very much Paul - Yes, I tried that with an image icon that paints fine in a canvas, but seems to paint in iOS blue without the detail (the alpha channel looks like the only correct detail that is transferred) - The seems to come in twice the size that of the canvas paint/tab icon. The image is 64x64 png.

Any ideas? Thanks again

That is correct. As of iOS 7, iOS only uses the alpha channel and only shows blue.

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines have more information:

Leave out the background. Very good. Thanks again Paul