Addhandler & Event definitions

On a Webpage, I am embedding a Control with multiple controls & 2 buttons : Save & Return.

p_Container_Account1 = New Container_Account p_Container_Account1.EmbedWithin(Self,20,140,560,300)
In my Container, I have Event Definitions & RaiseEvent on Event Handler Action

RaiseEvent SaveDataClient

Now, I don’t quite see how to pass it Dynamically.
Let’s say I want a different action of my buttons depending on the page the control is created.
The way I saw it was AddHandler p_Container_Account1.SaveDataClient, AddressOf m_SaveData which is a method in my webpage BUT, I have a message the container does not have an event name (…).

I looked at the timer exemples, but did not get it.

Your help is welcomed,

What do the signatures of the SaveDataClient event and the m_SaveData method look like?