AddHandler by Name

In my iOS app I make extensive use of AddHandler to examine the results of POSTs to my web services. It works (though it’s complicated to trace and debug, etc) but now I want to create a Requests table in my local database to queue up POSTs so that, if my app should be terminated before a POST is called, I can resume POSTing where I left off and in the correct order the next time the app is run.

So I need to store a callback Method name along with each Request POST in my database and then turn this into a Method reference so I can use AddHandler when calling the services. Is Introspection the only way to simulate the old VB CallByName function or is there an easier/better way?

Oh and BTW, if anybody has a better idea about how to queue these requests I’m happy to hear it. :slight_smile:

Actually please ignore all this. I think I’ll just store a Type along with each Request record and then I’ll know how to deal with it when it comes time to processing. On reflection that was very obvious but I think positing this question enabled me to solve the problem. :slight_smile: