AddArc - bug or intended parameters?


Maybe I am getting this incorrect, and it seems like the radians used in the GraphicsPath AddArc command has inverted the angles and the clockwise parameter? Could Someone check to see that I am thinking correctly on this? Is this a bug or is this the way that Xojo intends to draw an arc?

Positions for degrees/radians is to have the 0 position to the right, and moving in a counter clockwise direction to 180 degrees/Pi radians to the left – here is what I am used to:

According to the Xojo documentation (, the start angle in my example is 90 degrees (Pi/2 radians) and should start at the top of the diagram (not the bottom as shown). The arc should be drawn in a clockwise direction with the true parameter, and seems to draw in a counterclockwise direction. The endAngle is to be Pi (180 degrees) which is correct.


Here is my code for the program:

Attached is the AddArc example program that has been created on Windows 10, Xojo 2020 r2.1.

Thank you