Add to a TextArea's context menu (not replace)?

Good Morning!

When right clicking in a text area, a system context menu appears. On OS X this includes all sorts of cool things such as Spelling and Grammar, Substitutions, etc…

I would like to keep all of those options but add two entries to that menu for a certain TextArea in my project. Obviously I can implement the event ConstructContextualMenu, but when doing so the resulting contextual menu is only what I have added, not what the system offers as well.

Anyway of including what the system offers on this menu?

I can confirm that.

Nota: base.\tab shows a Constructor:


How to use it ?

I love this question and I will certainly love better the answer.

Maybe a Declare ?

I think the only way is to use CocoaMenuItems, and to clone these menus
(Cocoa Menu Items have translations for various languages)