add tag to a file name

Hi All.

I have a Mac running Mojave, soon to be Catalina, and I like the way you can tag a file with red, green, etc dots. However, i need more tags than they supply, so I figured I would write my own.

My question is: Is it possible to add items to a filename WITHOUT affecting the file? I was thinking of appending different images to the end of the file, but I wonder if there is ANOTHER way.


@Michael Cebasek — Well you are limited to 7 colors (+ transparent) but you can define as many tags as you want in the Finder.

cool stephan. Thanks for the information. however I want to make myself “clearer” tags. I’m kind strange that way. I’ll try some things and see if I can’t get what I want via a self written ( with a whole lot of forum help ) I like.

Thanks again.


@Michael Cebasek — I understand. Maybe Finder extensions might be the way but it will be a very difficult one.

If that helps, remember you can attach as many “extended attributes” to a file as you want.

You can use Emoji as tags. Might be easier than custom attributes depending on what you want.

Also, there’s a handy command-line tag manager here:

@Tanner Lee — But there are no Emojis to describe porn actions… not that I am interested… well… I’m out anyway!