Add new line to string



No problem

Not a very intuitive question, but perhaps you want s = s + endofline?

Maybe my ESP is working tonight :slight_smile:

s = s + chr(13) + chr(10)

*chr(13) is a Carriage Return (CR): ASCII Code 13
*chr(10) is a Line Feed (LF): ASCII Code 10

better to use ENDOFLINE this will be the “default” for the platform
or its variations
ENDOFLINE.UNIX (0x0A) … used on OSX
ENDOFLINE.WINDOWS (0x0D0A) used on WIndows
ENDOFLINE.MACINTOSH (0x0D) used on Mac Classics (ie. OS9)

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OT: Wow, this thread is an excellent example of why I like using and learning Xojo so much. The forum members are great.

EDIT: By the way, also an excellent example of how not to ask for help. Oliver, I see tehre isn’t much to explain, but a little sentence there wouldn’t have made you waste too much time, right? See the first two replies to your question.