Add method for property control to subclass of control

There are control classes that have methods for handling of background color and font properties, like DesktopTextField.
Some control classes do not offer controls for user-facing properties out of the box, like DesktopDateTimePicker. However, DesktopDateTimePicker also is a user-facing control and being able to modify i.e. the background color would be quite useful.
I created a subclass of DesktopDateTimePicker but do not get access to properties beyond those already accessible in its superclass.
How do I add a method for background color handling to a subclass of DesktopDateTimePicker, or in general, how can I programmatically modify the background color of that class and any subclass of it?

Xojo strives to use native controls, and not all of them can be colored.

You may be able to get away with a canvas underneath on macOS, but overlapping controls warning, fake it 'til you make it warning, and all that jazz. (i personally would avoid this approach).

@Javier_Menendez might have more information about coloring DesktopDateTimePicker, if it’s even possible or worth a ticket.

I’m all in for using native controls. All user-facing controls should offer methods for control of major visual properties that are visible to users. Is this a realistic expectation and does it warrant a feature request?

I don’t know, I tried pinging the guy who made the control at Xojo but this forum is voluntary.

If you really want it, might as well start a ticket right?

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I did open a feature request for that : 68788