Add Meta tags in web page

I am trying to add meta tags in a web page.
what i actually need to share a web page with video player and its thumbnail.
so i am thinking meta tags will help to show thumbnail for my video.

so i want to pass thumbnail image each time page gets called in meta tag.

But i am not getting it how to do it.

Can anyone help me to achieve my goal?

OS ?

On macOS, I use a DVT solution to watch TV. When I save to .eyetv (the software native format), the software (EyeTV) create,a bunch of files:
3 files holding xml data with .eyetv extension,
2 tiff files (a small one that ends with “.thumbnail”.tiff and a larger one, near 1920 x 1080).

All of that in a bundle (a special folder).

When displayed in a folder (Finder), the“bundle” shows the “thumbnail” image (low resolution, I suspect it is a bug: I can delete that file and add “.thumbnail” to the large file * and I get a HD quality icon).

  • Tested with a different image.

You have to reach hints for how to code that, sorry.

I hope this help.

I’m not sure how you’d add the meta tags for OpenGraph in a Xojo Web app and get it to work. I haven’t tested it, but I think at any point outside the App.HTMLHeader might be too late.