Add meta tag to web page to prevent tel number format detection

Hello all,

I have a web page containing a WebListBox. One of the columns of the WebListBox contains telephone numbers which are being displayed as links to be launched by whatever telephony app such as Skype is available to the end user.

I wish to prevent telephone number format detection in the browser (esp Microsoft Edge and Safari).

I have used the meta tag outside of Xojo Web Ed before to achieve this.

To implement for my Xojo Web App, I thought simply to drag a WebPageSource object onto my web page and set the value of source (location = before content) to:

or or

I tried all 3 without success.

I have not used a WebPageSource object before (I have read the docs), so am a little unsure of how to implement the html source.

Please advise. Thank you, Andrew

Look in the App class, there’s an HTMLHeader property there and your meta tags should go there.

@Greg O’Lone.

Thanks Greg.

Perfect timing as always.

It certainly works when I place the tag in the Web Application > HTMLHeader property under web settings.

In my case I don’t mind if this meta tag applies to every web page within the app.

Greg, just for my understanding can you set/adjust HTMLHeader/s for individual web pages within a web app?

Kind regards, Andrew

No. Because of the way Xojo apps deliver content to the browser, they’re all technically the same page.

Perfect thanks Greg,

My misunderstanding, all good.

Kind regards, Andrew