Add Files To Project Without Dragging?

Is there a way to add files to a project - BY REFERENCE/LINK, not just including it - other than dragging?

This is a long standing problem for me. I have about 7-8 computers hooked up in a semi-complex KVM situation. I am using a Windows keyboard, cause I have to for Windows. The only thing I miss is the OPTION key on Mac. Currently the only way to add references to a project on Mac is to drag a file and press CMD-OPT when dropping. But I don’t have a OPTION key.

My workaround is to have a Mac keyboard hooked up directly to that computer (outside the KVM situation) and just press those buttons. But that takes up table real estate. I’d like to do it just with my own set up.

Is there a way?

If the KVM is programmable you may be able to set up a Mac specific keyboard profile and/or test various combinations of the modifier keys in the Keyboard preferences. Mousekeys might be able to help as well.

On a PC keyboard used on Mac,

Option is the Alt key
Cmd is the Windows key.

You can use a copy file step to put the files in Resources, and then access them through a folderitem.

Thanks though… KVM isn’t that complex, and MouseKeys can’t do the Option button. I was looking for Xojo to provide a feature that doesn’t REQUIRE dragging (usually a laudable UI goal).

Your second assertion is correct (and saves my bacon and makes it all possible) but your first assertion is not. It doesn’t map that way - I think ALT is ALT. Regardless, there is no key on the Windows keyboard that maps to what the Mac expects as Option. Again, I was looking for a Xojo feature that allows importing references without dragging (a laudable UI goal).

File -> Import from the menu?

Garth, you made me doubt of my own sanity…

I hate to contradict, but I am actually typing this with a PC keyboard connected to my iMac…

Option o : œ (Alt-o).
Option $: € (Alt-$).

Don’t proceed by “I think”.

If you use File>Import… then while clicking the Import button on that sheet you hold down the Alt key on a windows keyboard it should import the file as a link.