Add event to a WebTimer in a WebPage does not work

I have stumbled into the bug enough. I did find a workaround, but this should be fixed. I just filed a bug report :

35152 - Add event to a webtimer in a page does not work

[code]OS: OS X 10.9.5

Xojo: 2014R2.1

Steps: - Add a webtimer to a webpage

  • Right click and go “Add to Timer1”
  • "Event Handler… " is not enabled

If I duplicate Timer1, it creates Timer2, and now, when I right click and select “Add to Timer1”, “Event Handler” is enabled.

It is reproductible.

Expected Result:
Event handler can be added through right click menu

Actual Result:
Event handler cannot be added through right click menu

Duplicate the timer[/code]

We know about this bug. Sometimes just saving the project is enough to fix it.

I vaguely remember reading about such kind of bug but was not sure it was about this specific control, so I thought about filing a bug report.

I did find the duplication way, which is faster than saving/reloading. But it will be nice if this is fixed in a future release.

Thank you.

It will get fixed as soon as we find steps to reproduce it while we are debugging the IDE.

Great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, we don’t have that yet. All of the cases that I am aware of we’re cleared up by either saving the project or restarting the IDE. We have not found a reproducible way to get the IDE into this state yet.

I understand. Hopefully clues will accumulate until you get what is needed.