Add Data to listbox a position this I want

I have Listbox 5 column then I want Add data to listbox the position is

column = 3
row = 5

I have to do ?
thank you very much …

Use the ListBox.Cell method:

If MyListBox.Cell(5, 3) = "Hello" Then
    MyListBox.Cell(5, 3) = "Bye"
End If

Andrew Lambert

Excample code of you is Error

What is the error? You must use the name of your listbox instead of “MyListBox”.

You have to rename <mylistbox.> to whatever your listbox name is.

Yes . I change name of listbox .

That code should work assuming that the listbox has at least 6 rows and 4 columns. The first row and column are numbered 0, so to get or set the 5th row, 3rd column use Cell(4, 2) rather than Cell(5, 3).

Xojo did an entire webinar on listboxes. This may help you see how the listbox works.