Add Controls to a project

Sorry Norman, I have another 2 issues.

I have 2 issues with adding Controls to a project.

  1. When I import a custom Control to my project, I see it in the Navigator.
    I belive the correct place would be in the Library, toghether with all build in Controls. (like RB 2012)

  2. To add a Control to a window you have to drag it from the Library (or from Navigator in case of a custom Control)
    That’s ok, but on some Controls the default size is much to big.
    E.g. If I add a Listbox to a small pagepanel, this pagepanel is not set as parent for the Listbox.
    (work around: first set the pagepanel to a bigger size, insert the Listbox, size the Listbox then resize the pagepanel)

Do I something wrong?

I belive the way to add controls in RB 2012 is much easier and more intuitive.

Thanks, Peter

#1 has been noted many times. I’m not sure if there’s a specific Feedback report for it or not.

#2 I know I reported this last week. Searching Feedback sucks so sorry, don’t have a #.

So no, you’re not doing anything wrong.