Add a number to a string

I’ve searched the forum and google with no avail… I figured it was time to ask for help…
I am trying filter a Table, by “Type” in a column and then use RecordCount to count how many records, in that same column, contain “Type”. After that, I want to add that “RecordCount” result to the end of the “STRING”. Example: “Hot” is my string. I have 5 records in Table “Line”, Column “Type” which have “Hot” in that column. I want the result to be “Hot1”, “Hot2”, “Hot3”, “Hot4”, “Hot5” in a column called “NewType”. Any guidance would be a tremendous help as i have been hung on this piece of code for 4 days now…


When dealing with converting numbers (integers, doubles, etc.) to string, look at the str() and cStr() functions.


dim s as string
dim i as integer

s = “Hot”
i = 5

s = s + str(i) 'would result in “Hot5”

In your question, ‘recordCount’ would be the ‘i’ in my example.

Thanks for the info… My issue was mainly about how to search the record info for “Hot” in column “Type” and use recordcount to get the count and put the data together (Which is the part you answered) then plug that data back into a different column named “NewType”… I don’t think I was clear enough in my question however, I think I finally figured out the answer to the problem I had… Thanks for taking the time to answer as this was my first post on the board and this piece of code has been driving me crazy…

Thanks again,