Actual Installer

Actual Installer is available in two editions: Free and Pro. No license is required to use the Free edition and it is completely free of charge.
But some features (custom icon, updater, user information, variables, custom commands, etc.) are disabled. In order to use all features of Actual Installer, you need to use the Pro edition. I’m very impressed with the Actual Installer product (
It includes a lot of functionality at a reasonable price.

Hi. Thanks for posting. A couple of suggestions, if you don’t mind. Joining the forum and then immediately posting 2 recommendations for a third party product makes you look like something other than an interested xojo user. Please do something to change that impression. Second, your links don’t work. It would be more effective if they did.

Please post a little about yourself and how you use Xojo so we can welcome you to the forum.