ActiveRecord/ARGen & Valentina

I see that BKeeney ActiveRecord and ARGen aren’t currently set up to work with Valentina, has anyone modified ActiveRecord to use with it?

does Valentina use the database class as its super or has its own? If it is based on the database class, it is relatively easy to expand ActiveRecord to use it.

The last time I looked at Valentina you could use it the “class way” which does much of the same thing as ActiveRecord but did some cool things with lazy loading and automagically getting the related records that ActiveRecord cannot do.

I swore off Valentina many years ago because of stability issues. I was getting tons of hard crashes that were all database related. I hope it’s better now. Of course, I was using the ‘class way’ so maybe that was the issue. It’s been so long since I’ve used it I can’t really speak with much authority on it anymore.

Thank you for your responses.
@scott boss , their vrbdatabase has database class as its super. But if I remember correctly, they told me vrbdatabase is “not the preferred way” So I switched to VDatabase which doesn’t have database as it’s super.

@Bob Keeney , it’s not bad compared to years ago but its not perfect either. I have a project that we used valentina on and was hoping to switch to active record before expanding it without also having to switch to sqlite.

ActiveRecord is assuming that the database is using the Xojo Database base class. Theoretically, you should be able to get vrbdatabase working. I have zero idea on how much work it is. First time it’s come up.