ActiveRecord and ARGen Updated!

Rochester, NY – Tim Parnell has released updates for both ActiveRecord and ARGen. New to the ActiveRecord library is a Database Adapter for Microsoft SQL Server using the SQLDatabaseMBS plugin. With these great tools your Xojo Mac app can connect to a SQL Server database!

ARGen generates Xojo code classes and user interface elements to interact with databases with Xojo code rather than SQL. Save time and write less code by taking advantage of the ActiveRecord library which abstracts database interaction. ARGen creates the classes necessary to use ActiveRecord from an existing database schema.

Exciting new features since the last announcement:

  • SQLDatabaseMBS Adapter for Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML processing speed has been greatly improved
  • Quick resolve feature to automatically deselect incompatible tables
  • Postgres SSL connections are now supported
  • Many bug fixes!

The ActiveRecord library sees an update with this release. ActiveRecord 2020.02 adds the SQLDatabaseMBS Microsoft SQL Server database adapter as well as fixes to MySQL NULL saving and MS SQL field schema parsing. The Namespace template has also been updated to provide thread connection pooling for Desktop projects. This makes ActiveRecord safe to use with threads.

There have been a number of releases since the last announcement from Strawberry Software. Many bugs were fixed as well as adding great features. This update is recommended for all users.

For more information and to download the latest version, visit