ActionForRow color

Is there a way to set the color and / or icon for the row actions?
Right now I have three and the first two are grey, before a delete. It’s not visually great.

I’m sure there is a simple way to do this that I’m just not seeing.


It isn’t simple to do it on your own.
You should have a look at

It has an example for colored and icons for row actions.

Awesome. Thank you!

Jeremie this is a great set of extensions. Thank you.

One question, I’m trying to get the image in the row action to not tile. I’m confused about the width and height parameters.
I know the height the two will need, but I’m not sure how wide the action “button” will be.

any words of wisdom?

Thanks Chris.

The default width and height parameters defined in TableExtensionsXC.SetIconXC are 70x44
This should give enough space for a 25x25 icon (regular icon size on iOS).

Feel free to change those values and see what it looks like.

The Mail app has 74px wide table row actions.

What’s confusing me is when the image tiles. Have you seen that?

If the image tiles, then I believe it is too small.

I have never seen that, but I think I know how to reproduce it.
Could you still upload a screenshot ?

iOS uses Tiled by default (backgroundImage / setBackgroundImage)
to NOT tile it, you have to create a resizeableImage with resizeMode: .stretch

I will leave it up to someone else to figure out the declares required

Dave, I think you are right.
I can’t figure out how to modify the extensions to do this though.
I use Xojo to avoid learning those APIs! :slight_smile: