Accessing Pixels on a PowerPoint Presentation

I need to create a simple Xojo app that will monitor a PowerPoint presentation (every 300ms) that is on another monitor and then launch some code when the color of a small box (20 pixels square) changes to a specific color. I understand how the timer functions, so I need information about how to grab the pixels on another screen and examine their values.

When I search the forum for info about this, most of the articles about grabbing pixels are very old, so I would like to know the most up-to-date way to do this and which Xojo features would be best. One of the challenges is that the PowerPoint presentation is on a separate monitor of a multi-monitor system, so the code needs to be able to access the appropriate screen.

Thanks in advance for your help - any guidance would be appreciated.


Is the powerpoint displayed by another app ?

Yes, the powerpoint presentation is being displayed by Microsoft PowerPoint.

What you could do is to grab a screen shot, and then use RGBSurface pixel() to pick the appropriate pixel.

Sounds like a plan… does Xojo have a screen shot utility?

I briefly looked into RGBSurface and I think I can figure out that part.

MBS Picture Plugin should be able to do a screenshot for you.

No need to buy plugins. You can do it with declares, there are lots of examples on the forum:

Very good - I will give it a try. Thanks to all of you for your help.