Accessing files from the simulator

Is there a way to pull files from the iOS Simulator.
I need to get a database file from my app. On my physical device, I’d just turn on file sharing. I can’t figure this out on the simulator.

Do you know the filename? I usually go to /user/[my username]/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices and search for the filename from there.

I do know the file name, but it’s not showing up there.
Thanks for the response though. I’ll keep digging that way.

got it… I didn’t realize that you could copy the path from the Xojo debugger and go to it on the Mac. Very cool.


If the file name is unique enough I’ve used Thomas’ Find Any File app to find it. I wish there was a simpler way of finding a file in the simulators but it’s good enough.

Bob, what I found is that you can get the native path from the debugger and paste that into the finder go to dialog.

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