Accessing a folder on a server from a desktop app


We have a web app that is storing pictures in a specific folder on the server it is running on. We are building a companion Desktop app that will need to save pictures in the very same folder.

What would be the best way to securely access the folder and save files on it?



Well you could use an API , have a look on Aloe and have endpoints handling that , I guess this is the most flexible way, other way is to share somehow that folder via ftp or ssh and get the folder but taking in consideration that it will reside on customers side then I guess API for you, or last resort you could use WEBDav I guess or a cloud server to handle your files.

Hope it helps

Hi Aurelian,

I followed your advice and used and API to deal with the file.

For the benefit of those who would like to have a global idea of the process, here are the main steps we followed :

  1. Saved the picture as JPEG and wrote the file into a Binary Stream. Added boundaries to the string so we can parse the filename and other infos we added along with it once on the server
  2. Created a HTTPSocket sending a POST to the server special URL event (App.Handle Special URL) containing the Binary Stream
  3. Parsed the Binary Stream and saved it in a file on the server.

That works well but there might be simpler ways to achieve that I guess. I’m opened to suggestions!

So thanks Aurelian for taking the time to read my post and orienting me toward this solution.

well for sure you have other options but this is the most flexible so far, you could use third party apps to handle the sharing .

Good luck .