Accessibility Guidelines

I did a quick test with a simple webform, just labels, text-fields, text-area and a button. Works as expected, as we know.
But since the company this is for is a local semi-gouvernement, all web applications must meet the modern WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). In order to know if a website or page does meet these guidelines, you have some free tools to research that.
Well, as I was afraid of, without any changes, just using Xojo, this is impossible. Xojo does not meet this W3C standard, which is compulsory in juni 2025.
It’s the same with PDF generation, where I am not able to generate PDF docs meeting the PDF/UA standard.
Since I am working in the area where accessibility meeting the regulations is a must, I am afraid I cannot longer go with Xojo web anymore, so looking for an alternative now.

Hi @Joost_Rongen1 !!

I’m pretty sure the PDF documents generated with Xojo can be “read/spoken” using Acrobat Reader. It’s true that they (still) doesn’t include the specific tags provided by the PDF Standard for accessibility .

A good first step to make this to happen would be opening a feature request :wink:

Glad to help!

I’ve seen Feedback Cases about accessibility issues on specific controls, but overall (at least with Lighthouse), the score is already above 90 on Eddie’s Electronics.

There are hundreds of WCGA validation tools available, it would be nice to have a Feedback Case with more information about in which country/countries will this be compulsory, when, how will they validate this, which level of compliance will be required and so on.

Thank you!

Hi Javier,
For the customer it’s just an issue of not meeting the requirements PDF/UA. They made clear this is not negotiable.
It would be great if we could say we meet the international WCAG standards for accessibility.
I work with them for quite a while already, so I don’t want to risk a serious relationship. But once we can proof that we meet the standards I will make a good point. I’ll raise a feature-request. Keep up the good work.

Hi Ricardo, how interesting meeting you as you also know more about the regulations. WCAG (2.1, soon 2.2. and later 3.0) is an international standard and here in the Netherlands we should meet category AA, which is 30 (A) + 20 (AA) criteria.
I believe this will be the case for all countries in Europe and US might be AAA ( + 28 criteria) on the long run.
And yes, I believe I could tweak a lot, but that’s not Xojo and beats the value where we select Xojo for, RAD.
May I get back to you later? Need to do some research and testing first. Thanks.

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Sure @Joost_Rongen1, I’ll appreciate any info you can provide about this.

Thank you again.

maybe you could setup a reporting “server”
if xojo not update to this standard.